Work and Travel Middle East Program

Monthly salary from $1500 - $3500

Apply if you would like to start/continue your international career.
Open positions 365 days a year.

Age limits for participants are 18-30 y.o.
Waitrer / Waitress / Server
  • Age 18 - 35 y.o.
  • Good Communication skills
  • Intermediate / Pre-Int. Level of English
  • Experience from 6 month
  • Menu knowledge, Up-sell, Cross-sale
  • Accommodation provided
  • 3 meals at work
  • Airline tickets are paid by the company
  • Work visa and insurance provided
  • Training and uniform paid.

Hostess | Junior Hostess

  • Age 20 - 28 y.o.
  • Positive attitude
  • Good Communication skills
  • B2 Level of English
  • Experience from 6 month
  • Accommodation provided
  • Height 165 cm, Makeup required
  • Presentable Appearance
  • 3-5 Photos full body pictures
  • Reservation experience - POS 7 Rooms, R-Keeper

Bartender | Barmaid

Barback |Barista

  • Age 21 - 35 y.o. (18 for barista)
  • Good Communication skills
  • IBA Bar List knowledge of 15-50 cocktails
  • B1 - 2 Level of English
  • Video presentation / Photo from
  • Experience from 6 month
  • Accommodation provided.
  • Работа по резидентской визе.
  • Work visa and insurance provided
  • Training and uniform paid.
What's the process?
How does W/E work?

Apply with CV

Send your CV with 2 photos in English,
number, email and we will arrange a meeting

Let's meet up online!

W/E we meet, ask questings about your needs, experience, dates, etc. Check the status of the document, suggest and agree about our cooperation. Will answer all your questions.

Make it official

We will promote your Profile, Fix it, Addvertive, and arrange interviews with Companies. and you will pay us for our work.

Interview /CV/ Documents preparation

We will ReMake your Profile or Make it from scratch, and help with videos, cover letters, and document collections to succeed faster!
Interview with Company
15-minute online interview in Zoom with video, get a Job Offer, sign Job Description and visa forms, and arrange flight after visa. The company will meet you in an airport, and arrange housing and transportation.HR manager with schedule you for orientation. training.
Join us now! Get your incredible international work experience!
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