Sidalah Island is Hiring NOW!
The interview will start 25th July
Apply with a CV only

The Red Sea is New Maldives 2024
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Here you will find more videos and descriptions.
  • Cooks / CDP / Commis ets.
    depend on position and experience

    5000 SAR commis
    Please show your talent, passion in your occupation, desire, and willingness to learn! Salary is better than average!
    Send us your food portfolio or video.
  • Hostess (Female only )
    5000 - 8000 SAR SAR + TIPS !!!
    Presentable, Communicative, ready to work with guests and bring the best Welcoming experience!
  • Waitress / Waiter
    5 600,00 SAR + TIPS !!!
    Tell us you love food, clubs, ppl like we do!!!
    Make our guests happy, don't leave them thirsty and hungry! Remember names and show them best Island experience, learn how to upsell, and make great tips!
  • Bar Tender (N|A)
    4 375,00 - 8000 SAR + TIPS !!!
    We built a contact bar and need communicative talents and will create magic cocktails in Great Island! Bring a Club / Joy atmosphere to the MBLD project!
  • Runners 3800 SAR + TIPS !!!
    Serve and communicate with guests, be helpful and reliable for all team. Keep an eye on tables and don't miss any orders, remember we are a dream team!
  • Bar Back
    3500 - 3800 SAR + tips
    Be on time and maximum productive, helpful, and a team player. Learn and deliver for a team!
    Stock the stations, ice, garnish, glasses etc.
Apply for a Job in Saudi Arabia!
Type of Visa - Employment ONLY!
We will offer you jobs in NEOM, Sindalah Island, Riyadh Season, Jeddah, Abha Season, Al Ula, and Red Sea, etc. if you fit to project requirements.
How It Works?
Follow steps to get job quickly.
Apply with CV
Resume must be in English with Photos and requires info according to company standards.
Video Pre-Screening
Recruiter Company will interview You, check your knowledge, and level of spoken English, and offer you a position/project. Answer your questions.
Legal base / Documents
Sign up a cooperation agreement, that allows us to share your personal information and agree on procedures, terms, conditions and charges fees.
Interview with company HR
W/E Recruitment Company will start with your CV promotion, document preparation, CV update, and everything to get your first interview with your future Employer.
Well done, what is next?
Let's make clear all necessary steps for a great start!
Received Job Offer
We will review the contract together, answer all questions, submit forms and proceed for work visa,
Work Permit
There are different procedures for passport holders. Also depends on your current location for KSA embassy finger prints.
Flight, relocation
We will arrange with HR your airline tickets, crew will crew you at the airport.
You will receive keys and they will show you your room, and places to eat. All set they you need before your start.
Orientation and Trainings.
You will meet HR, and your Managers, and proceed with documentation, and all standard legal procedures.
Time to get your schedule, uniform all guides for a successful start.
Трудоустройство в Королевстве Саудовская Аравия
Сезонная работа в проекте VISION 2023
  • Vision 2030 development plan
    План развития региона VISION 2030 для Королевства Саудовская Аравия уже работает, проекты Riyadh Season, Jeddah, Abha часть этого проекта. Проекты стартовал с ноября 2019 года. Sindalah Island это первый в стране проект развлечений островах! Смотрите видео ниже!
  • Employment
    Мы трудоустраиваем кандидатов только по рабочим визам!!! Испытательный срок 6 месяцев! У вас будет страховка и наша 24/7 поддержка, консультация юристов и помощь на всякий случай! Мы сами жить и работали в КСА!!! Процесс трудоустройства отличается от других стран, у всех GIGA projects oдна процедура. Мы знаем ее от и до!
  • Online only
    Собеседование онлайн, мы стараемся всегда делать в один, максимум в 2 этапа! Спрашиваю 3 блока вопросов обычно, мы готовим и подсказываем! Главный упор на ваши личные качества!!!
  • Employment Package
    Компания работодателя оплачивает Визу, Перелет, страховку, жилье, транспорт и коммунальные платежи. Жилье новейшее!!!
10 лет работы на Ближнем востоке, мы каждый год открываем новые направления.
WorkEmirates c 28 сентября 2019 открыла новое направление для трудоустройства.
Королевство Саудовская Аравия.
Sindalah Golf Club is a high-quality Golf Club & Resort

Provide members, members guests, hotel residents and visitors with an exhilarating 9 golf course (that can be played as 18 holes), state-of-the-art practice and instruction studios, Clubhouse facilities and service standards which will be maintained, operated and delivered as best in class and to world class international standards.

The high quality of the golf experience delivered at the Club will establish a new benchmark in the Kingdom and will compete with any golf facility currently operating both in the Middle East, Europe and beyond. The Club will be capable of hosting high-quality, bespoke, Professional, and amateur golf events and through this, will become recognized as one of the great luxury golf and entertainment venues with a global reputation.

Our Contacts
Feel free to write and call us.
We love to communicate with our clients.
Ask any questions,
download your CV here, please.
International Office located since 2014
in the brave city of Kyiv, Ukraine!

20 Esplanadna St. 622 office
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About Company MDL Beast
Yes, and they are your future employer!
Look, You will not believe but it is Saudi Arabia!
YouTube more to get idea what is that!!!
About Project Sindalah, Neom MDL Beast Beach Club.
Mr. John that you will work with.
Why Neom vs Dubai? and Who we hiring for this project?
Ask your question!
Работа в Саудовской Аравии
Ставка с жильем от $1200 - $3500
Sindalah Yacht Club

Take a look at the luxury eco-experience that the project will deliver to NEOM. Superyacht Marina will provide world-class services to the island’s clientele!

We require TOP talents for this venue,

  • B2+ level of English;
  • International work experience with VVIP guests;
  • Professional, presentable with good manners.
  • 21+ only

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

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