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This agreement was made and entered into force between:
______________________________________, duly registered and operating under the laws of ____________________with cr.___No ________________, business address at _________________________P.O.Box______, and represented by __________________________________, in capacity as ________________________ hereinafter referred as FIRST PARTY
WorkEmirates Hospitality Recruitment Company, duly registered and operating under the laws of Ukraine with business license No АД 507094 with business address at 20 Esplanadna str. office 622, Kyiv 01001 Ukraine, and represented by Ms. Anastasiia Fartushna in her capacity as Founder Partner and CEO hereinafter referred to as the SECOND PARTY.

1. The First Party shall provide a list of vacant positions, a brief job description, main requirements for candidates for each position along with the budgeted salary and additional benefits for the required position.
2. The Second Party shall search for, short-list and prepare suitable candidate/s mostly from eastern Europe (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) for the position/s within the period of 5 – 14 calendar days on the receipt of Job Order; the Second Party will update the First Party on the progress made in the process by email or phone.
3. The First Party should screen out appropriate candidates during 5 calendar days after receiving list of CVs and appoint time for interviews with the candidates.
4. The Second party should arrange interviews with candidates and send the schedule to the First party at mutually convenient time.
7 calendar days after interview with candidates the First party should give the interview results and send Job Offers to the Second party or appoint time for second round of interviews with the candidates.
5. The First Party shall submit all the documentation, including candidates' portfolios and job offers/contracts through the Second Party only. The First Party shall correspond with candidates through the Second Party only or put the Second Party on the Recipients list.
6. The Second party should send to the First party signed Job Offers along with passport copy, visa photo and other documents required by First party such as training and educational certificates, reference letters etc. during 5 calendar days after receiving Job offers.
7. Work permits and other necessary formalities for external placements as required for the selected candidates to commence work are the responsibility of the First Party. Processing of the First Party's and selected candidates documents at the respective Overseas Employment Administration at point of origin as required by the government shall be the responsibility of the Second Party, whereas processing all necessary documents for attestation with related government bodies and consulate services in country of placement is the responsibility of the First Party.
The First party undertakes to organize candidate's departure within 1 (one) months after receiving signed job offer and all required documents.
The First Party shall provide the air tickets for the selected candidates through the Second Party only.
If any proposed position requires any advertising exposure as well as interviewing venue the Second Party will absorb all costs. The Advertisement must be reviewed by the First Party in case of usage of its Logo.
The Second Party shall use its best endeavors to ensure suitable candidates are selected and shortlisted. If the Second Party fails to accord the appropriate candidates, as agreed upon in the Job Order, job profile and description, then the First Party may decide to discontinue.

The First Party will pay The Second Party the fee of one month basic salary of hired candidates on the arrival of the recruited persons to their working places.
For all other services beyond the scope of this agreement, the First Party will have to enter into a separate agreement with the Second Party and the fees applicable for the same will be as per the terms and conditions agreed upon.
The Second party shall provide the replacement free of charge in case of termination of the contract with a reason attributable to the candidate during the first 3 months.
First Party due to clouse #15 of this agreement, are will make replacement and do not invoice candidates of any recruitment fees.
  1. Invoices shall be issued and paid during a 30 days period upon a candidate's arrival date.
  2. The First Party obligated to pay invoice in 30 calendar days, otherwise The Second Party will not guarantee free replacement.
  3. The above terms and conditions remain valid unless altered by a separate document duly signed and stamped by both parties.
  4. The duration of this Agreement shall be one calendar year from the date of signing of the Agreement.
  5. This agreement shall be automatically renewed if not terminated by either party.
  6. Both Parties have the right to cancel this agreement by giving 30 days notice in writing. However, any request or Job Order given by the First Party to the Second Party before the termination of the contract shall be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this contract.

First Party:
Company _________________________________________________
Name _________________________________________________
Position _________________________________________________
Sealed and Signed _________________________________________________

Second Party:
Company WorkEmirates Recruitment Company
Position Founder and CEO
Sealed and Signed _______________________________________________
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